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Hidden Camera - AC Adapter, DVR

Flexible covert recording solution for any space

  • Supports up to a 32GB SD card (4GB SD card included)
  • Motion activated or continuous recording settings
  • Remote control included for easier operation

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The Adapter Line camera provides a flexible covert recording solution for any space. The recording device features 32GB card capacity and motion or continuous recording settings to record activity in your desired environment.

Unlike other AC adapter hidden cameras, the camera on the XD-NBAZ11149 is built into the fake power adapter plug at the end of the cable rather than into the main unit. This gives this covert camera a great deal of flexibility in how it is used. For example, the main unit could be plugged into a power socket on a wall and the camera could be discretely positioned between books on a bookshelf. Or, the main unit could be plugged into a power strip underneath a desk, while the camera is concealed among the objects on top of the desk. This flexibility also makes it easy to position the camera to exactly monitor the desired area.

The self-recording DVR includes a 4GB SD card, USB cable, RCA output cable and remote control that provides greater control over resolution and motion sensitivity.

The adapter line hidden camera conveniently plugs into any compatible working AC outlet, so no batteries are required — simply plug the unit in.

What's Included:

  • 4GB SD card
  • Camera
  • Covert power cord
  • IR remote control
  • RCA output cable
  • USB cable

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